Me during summer: I'll run more when it's cooler
Me during winter: I'll run more when it's warmer

I literally go through phases of eating one specific type of fruit for two weeks.

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I seriously miss being skinny…I miss being 120 lbs, I hate being 150 lbs because I can’t run worth shit, I can’t even do pull-ups. But if I got back down to that weight, I will have to gain it all back because the weight minimum for the Marine’s at my heights of 65” is 145 lbs. It sucks ass..

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I have no clue what I would be doing now if it wasn’t for my Marine family. They’re supportive, encouraging, helpful, and always there for me. I always struggle running but all the time someone lingers back with me and helps keep me going. They tell me I can do it, lets sprint, you can keep going, you got this. Then when I have a bad day I can count on them to help lift my mood with just a single laugh. When I’m around them I feel home, safe, strong, and like a kid again! I’m so glad I chose to join the Marine’s.